If a couple fails to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected and regular sex  .it is an indication to investigate the couple.

                      1. hypothalamic disorder
2. pituitary dysfunction
3  hypothyroidism
4  hyperprolactinaemia

b)Male causes:
                     1. varicocele
2. chromosomal defect
3. cryptorchidism
4  drugs
5 orchitis
6 other iinfections and other chronic illnesses

c)Female causes:
1.fibroids,polycystic ovarian disease, pelvic inflammatory  disease,endometriosis
2 tuberculosis of genital tract
3 congenital defect in female genitalia
4 lower genital tract infection
5 cervical factors
6 dyspareunia & vaginal causes

Both husband & wife should be investigated properly.

Male investigations:
1 semen analysis
2 hormonal analysis
3 testicular biopsy
4 immunological tests
5 chromosomal studies

Female investigations:
1 ultrasound pelvis
2 hysterosalpingography
3 laproscopic examination
4 ovulatory tests

Scope of homoeopathy in infertility

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