One of the commonly seen issue of children is Eneuresis or Bed – wetting. Bed – wetting can become a cause of embarrasement for parents as well as children. 

When to worry ?

When child crosses age of ‘5’, it is a matter of concern. 

– At times, it becomes an emotional issue, can turn down child’s confidence level.


1. Hereditary

2. Difficulty in waking from very deep sleep.

3. Improper toilet training.

4. Developmental delay of CNS.

5. Chronic constipation.

6. Down Syndrome,ADHD, Mental Retardation.

7. Infection in bladder.

8. Type 1 diabetes


Child presents with symptoms of low self – esteem, feeling of guilt, rashes on genitals and bottom.


1. Limit fluids for kids before bed time.

2. Have your child urinate just before falling asleep.

3. Don’t punish your child.

4. Offer positive support and encouragement to child.


Homoeopathic medicines act on phisical, mental and phisiological level to relieve bed wetting.

We offer treatment of bed wetting of three months duration with positive results. It not only relieves bed wetting but also boosts your child’s confidence. 

Feel free to discuss this problem from us . We will provide you better consultation for future of your child. 


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